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Wheatstone DMX Digital Broadcast Mixer

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Bridge-IT II

Bridge-IT II

IP Audio Codec
Front Panel Controls, OLED Display  
Multiple AoIP Formats as Standard

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Dante WAN Bridge

Dante WAN Bridge

32 Audio Channels via Dante
AES67 Comaptible
PCM16/ PCM24/ PCM32

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StreamS Live Streaming Encoder

StreamS Player

Live Streaming Encoder for Professional Applications with HLS, DASH and Legacy ICY support

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Studio Headphone Amplifier

Headphone Amp

Free-standing or under worktop
Rear RJ45 Parallel Connectors
Power Supply Included

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Broadcasting from Home

Learn how to receive a Skype or WhatsApp call at home on a PC or smartphone and then record it or stream it live on air while working remotely with the Tieline ViA.

Preco History

Preco (Broadcast Systems) Ltd was formed in 1983, primarily supplying and servicing professional reel to reel tape machines to broadcasters in the UK. As the main business was building and supplying recorders, Preco's name originated from the Professional Recording Equipment Company. Preco's customers include all the major organisations in broadcasting. The various departments within the BBC - General News Service, Radio & TV Outside Broadcasts, Technology, World Service, London Control Room, etc. The major radio groups - Global Radio, Bauer Radio, News UK, to name a few, with a large number of other commercial radio stations. The News Networks like ITN, satellite channels such as Sky UK, and a whole host of other Broadcasters. Preco also supply police, security companies, teleconferencing, intercom systems and sports organisations. Preco is one of the largest broadcast suppliers in the UK and as such, deals with most professional broadcast organisations at some level.