PSM-3 Passive Split Module for Microphone Levels

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The passive split module PSM-3 is a high quality phantom powered audio distributor with three transformer isolated outputs and an additional direct-output that can be connected directly to the main mixing console.

The small and compact PSM-3 both versatile and flexible in its use. In combination with the MF-30 mainframe passive audio distribution system of any size and quantity of channels can be built accordingly.

Custom designed solutions on demand!

Frequency response 30 ... 20.000 Hz, ± 0,9 dB, RL = 1 kOhm
Input 1 x XLR-female, additionally on VG32 bar, transformer balanced with seperate static shielding
Outputs 2 x XLR-male, 3 x on VG32 bar, transformer balanced output resistors decoupled 100 Ohm, 0,1 %
Max. Input-Level + 12 dBu (Line-operation @ Rsource = 40 Ohm)
THD < 0,5% @ 40 Hz; < 0,01% @ 1 kHz
Level Loss < 5 dB (Rload = 600 Ohm, Rsource = 150 Ohm)
Phantom Power switchable, 48 V ± 1 V acc. IEC
Nominal Level + 6 dBu
CMRR > 60dB acc. IEC for inputs
CMRR > 40dB acc. IEC for outputs
Isolation voltage 3 kV (primary/secondary); 1,5 kV (primary/secondary) vs. ground/shield
Input GND switchable
Output GND switchable on board with jumpers
Power Supply +/- 15 V DC
Mounting 100 x 160 mm standard PCB with DI/C-connector, 10TE
Weight 0,4 kg