Magic SDC Switch & Converter

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MAGIC SDC provides a seamless switching of redundant DAB Multiplexer systems.The system can be used as classic ETI switch for E1 G.703/G.704 lines or optionally as EDI switch for IP networks.


MAGIC SDC monitors the output signal of each DAB Multiplexer permanently. If an error is detected in a multiplex, the system switches automatically to the other input. In parallel the time stamp in the output signal of the switch can be re-generated, so that a continuous time stamp is guaranteed to arrive at the transmitter. To minimize the required input buffering, the Frame Counter (CIF) of the ETI output signal can be replaced additionally. The switching criteria and the switching behaviour (mono stable, bi-stable) can be configured by the user.

ETI Switch:

  • 2 x G.703/G.704 inputs and 2 x G.703/G.704 outputs
    • Signal is automatically bridged during a power breakdown
  • Support of ETI-NI, ETI-NA

EDI Switch (optional, EDI Upgrade required):

  • 2 x LAN interface
    • Free allocation of the EDI stream (input/output)

Further Features:

  • Alarm memory
  • GPS inputs: 10 MHz (alternatively 2,048 MHz) and 1 PPS
    (time reference via NTP)
  • External alarm signalling via 8 relay outputs and 8 TTL GPIOs
  • Link Mode for redundant operation


The system is operated via LAN using the Windows PC Software. Via SNMP V2 MAGIC SDC can be integrated in a network management system.

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