Magic DC7 XIP RM ISDN and IP Audio Codec

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The MAGIC DC7 XIP RM offers the same functions as the MAGIC DC7 XIP Audio Codec, but is realised as 19" unit with an integrated power supply.


The MAGIC DC7 XIP RM Audio Codec provides a LAN, an ISDN BRI and an X.21 interface. In the ISDN mode as well as in the IP mode, two Audio Codecs with the G.711 and G.722 coding algorithms are available. MAGIC DC7 XIP RM offers analogue and (optional) digital Audios interfaces.

From software version 3.000 upwards MAGIC AC1 XIP RM provides the so-calledISDN/SIP Auto Mode. Using this mode the system detects automatically via which line interface (ISDN or LAN) a call is received.


The system can be operated via the front keypad and display. The menu is similar to standard mobile phone and very user-friendly. Another option for control and configuration is the MAGIC DC7/AC1 Windows PC Software or the MAGIC DC7/AC1 LAN Windows PC Software. The LAN software allows simultaneous monitoring, configuration and control of up to 10 Audio Codecs within a network. Individual systems can be dynamically selected for Audio transmissions. System errors are automatically reported and filed. 

Both Software Versions are included in the delivery.

The LAN2 Upgrade extends your system with a second LAN interface. It can be used for control and alarm signalling via SNMP. However, it is not suitable for Audio transmission. The main advantage of the second LAN interface is the separation of the IP Audio transmission network and the management network. The functions of the interface can be configured easily via the Windows PC Software.

The LAN2 Upgrade is available for both new and already purchased systems. If the LAN2 Upgrade is ordered together with a new system, the second LAN interface is integrated in the hardware. For existing systems we provide the LAN2 Adapter which can be connected to the Extension Bus interface.

With the "AES/EBU Interface" Option, the digital Audio interfaces of the system can be used. The AES/EBU licence can also be enabled for systems that are already delievered to the customer. We only need the serial number of the system to generate a password.

Please note: To use the AES/EBU option for the MAGIC POTS/ISDN Telephone Hybrids/Telephone Hybrid System, the system has to be equipped with the optional AES/EBU/Analogue Module.

MAGIC Keypads

MAGIC Keypad Basic

For operation without PC, the external MAGIC Keypad Basic is available. The user interface is similar to the 15 kHz ISDN Telephone. The MAGIC Keypad Basic supports all functions of the MAGIC Audio Codecs and is connected with the RS232 Control interface of the Codec.

MAGIC Keypad Advanced

Alternatively, the MAGIC Keypad Advanced can be used for operation of the Audio Codecs without a PC. With the MAGIC Keypad Advanced, the integrated Audio Mixer (Option) can also be controlled and configured., which is not possible with the MAGIC Keypad Basic. Like the MAGIC Keypad Basic, the Advanced Keypad is connected via the RS232 Control interface with the systems.

Via the Headset interface, a handset can also be connected to the MAGIC Audio Codecs, e.g. for a conversation before the actual Audio transmission. By using a mixer preset the switching between the Audio interface and the handset can be made via a single key on the front keypad of the systems (telephone button).

  • Complete remote system configuration
  • Remote system access via your PC - world-wide
  • Support less experienced users
  • Full access to the ISDN Monitor

For remote control you need only a PC with an ISDN interface card and the MAGIC DC7, MAGIC DC7 XIP/XIP RM, MAGIC AC1 or MAGIC AC1 XIP/XIP RM system software. Against unauthorised access a password protection can be activated or you can allow access only from certain service telephone numbers which can be stored in the system.

And if you cannot find a solution: with your permission our technical support can access to your system via this function.

With one Remote Control licence all systems of the same product type can be controlled by a PC locally and remotely. 
The licence key is stored in a USB dongle and therefore at least one free USB port on the PC must be available.