Magic AD1 ETI Decoder

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With the MAGIC AD1 ETI Decoder an ETI output signal of an Ensemble Multiplexer can be monitored. The system allows a simultaneous monitoring of all DAB & DAB+ Audio data streams.

The system can be connected anywhere in the 2-Mbit/s signal (NA, G.704 and NI, G. 703) to be monitored or it can be connected in parallel with the signal path. All Audio programmes in the data stream are monitored and an individual programme can be extracted and decoded.
The Audio signal can be output as an analogue or a digital (AES/EBU) signal. Additionally, a headphones output is available.
An external alarm indication is possible via two relay outputs and six TTL outputs. MAGIC AD1 ETI has also an integrated protocol storage which gives additional information about errors that have occurred in the ETI data stream.

The MAGIC AD1 ETI Systems can be configured via the front keypad and the illuminated display or alternatively with a user-friendly Windows PC Software via the integrated LAN interface. With SNMP V2 the system can also be integrated into a network management system via this LAN interface.

The LAN2 Upgrade extends your system with a second LAN interface. It can be used for control and alarm signalling via SNMP. However, it is not suitable for Audio transmission. The main advantage of the second LAN interface is the separation of the IP Audio transmission network and the management network. The functions of the interface can be configured easily via the Windows PC Software.

The LAN2 Upgrade is available for both new and already purchased systems. If the LAN2 Upgrade is ordered together with a new system, the second LAN interface is integrated in the hardware. For existing systems we provide the LAN2 Adapter which can be connected to the Extension Bus interface.

  • EDI (ETI) input
  • EDI (STI-D) input

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