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The DAB-Xplorer is used for the analysis of DAB data streams (ETI & RDI). The system provides the following features:

ETI Analysis

FIC Analysis

RDI Analysis

Recorder (G.703/SPDIF)

Player (G.703/SPDIF)

MPEG Layer 2 Decoder

The DAB-XPlorer allows a continuous real-time monitoring of the transport streams and indicates every alarm during the transmission. Additionally, in parallel to the analysis, a simultaneous recording and play-back of complete data streams is possible. If you use this analysing tool with its fast localisation of errors in the transport stream, the operating costs in the DAB programme transmission network will be considerably reduced. Preferably, it is used between Ensemble Multiplexer and COFDM sender.

Because of its dimensions and its light weight, the DAB-XPlorer is especially suitable for mobile use. The robust aluminium die-casting housing withstands even the rough field conditions.


  • G.703-TX, G.703-RX
  • 1 pps
  • USB
  • RS232 (DTE. Debug interface)

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