Magic THipPro

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MAGIC THipPro VoIP is an IP Telephone Hybrid for up to eight or up to 16 caller lines. The 1 RU system provides eight digital Audio lines (4 x AES/EBU interfaces) as well as two analogue XLR Audio interfaces. Additionally, up to two Handsets or Headsets can be connected for Pretalk.


  • Digital Echo Canceller, AGC and Expander for each caller line
  • Conference function with Mix Minus generation
  • PRETALK function
  • Call forwarding
  • GPIO contacts
  • Up to twenty MAGIC THipPro LAN and MAGIC THipPro Screener workplaces
  • MAGIC THipPro Admin Upgrade to split the resources for up to six studios
  • Voice Disguise: The caller's voice can be changed to protect his identity
  • With the Windows PC-Software MAGIC THipPro LAN the MAGIC THipPro Telephone Hybrid can be controlled and configured. It was especially designed and optimised for use with a touch screen and shows all caller lines. A server software is not required to operate MAGIC THipPro. All PC Clients have the same access rights and are independent from each other. In total, up to twenty MAGIC THipPro LAN and MAGIC THipPro Screener PC Clients can access the system simultaneously.

    The MAGIC THipPro Screener Software allows a comfortable screening and management of all callers using the available database. With the Screener Software the MAGIC THipPro can also be controlled remotely, calls can be accepted or single lines switched. The connection between the system and the MAGIC THipPro Screener Software is established via the local network with the TCP/IP protocol. The caller information is stored in a central database which can be accessed by all users. A multiple installation of MAGIC THipPro Screener in the local network is possible which allows a screening from several pretalk locations at the same time. The only limitation is the maximum number of twenty MAGIC THipPro LAN and MAGIC THipPro Screener workplaces, which can access the system simultaneously.

    The MAGIC THipPro Admin Software allows to split the system ressources for up to six studios. A profile is assigned to each studio which defines the number of the caller lines and the Audio interfaces in use. In each studio only the caller lines allocated to the studio are displayed on the MAGIC THipPro LAN and MAGIC THipPro Screener user interface. The big advantage of this solution is the flexible assignment of a studio: A programme can be broadcasted from any studio without complex changes in the PABX or in the Audio cabling. Of course, user rights and different configurations can be managed for each studio with the MAGIC THipPro Admin Upgrade.

    The MAGIC THipPro Telephone Hybrids incorporate two Handset interfaces for the connection of a Handset that can be used for Pretalk. 

    If the MAGIC TH2plus, MAGIC TH6 or MAGIC THipPro Telephone Hybrids/ Talkshow Systems are used in the Voice-over-IP operating mode (VoIP option required) with this option enabled, calls from HD-Voice compatible telephones can be received in 7 kHz quality. Of course, outgoing calls to HD-Voice compatible telephones are also transmitted in 7 kHz quality.
    MAGIC TH2plus provides two 7 kHz (G.722) channels, MAGIC TH6 provides six 7 kHz (G.722) channels and MAGIC THipPro can provide up to sixteen 7 kHz (G.722) channels.

    With the Pretalk Streaming Upgrade  Pretalk workplaces can be realized whose Audio signals are transmitted via LAN. At the Pretalk workplace a PC with the Windows Control Software is installed which is connected with a USB Headset. The Pretalk Streaming Upgrade is especially an advantage if there are not enough Audio lines available or if the Pretalk workplace is located far away from the telephone hybrid.

    For MAGIC TH2plus up to three Pretalk Streaming licences can be purchased, for MAGIC TH6 up to four are available and for MAGIC THipPro maximum six Pretalk Streaming Clients can be installed.

    With the Recording function, which is ncluded in the Pretalk Streaming Upgrade, a caller signal can be recorded live on a PC via the Pretalk Streaming Client.