Yellowtec PUC Classic

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PUC - A truly pioneering interface

When we launched PUC in 2005, it was the first USB audio interface to comply with the highest professional standards. PUC offers balanced line level analogue ins and outs, along with digital SPDIF/AES ins and outs. Designed for plug-and-play operation with all common operating systems, PUC is perfect for replacing conventional insertion cards like Digigram PCX.

The superior audio quality you deserve!

PUC delivers professional audio standards – up to 48 KHz at 16-bit – and the correct sample rate is automatically set by your computer. PUC combines simple, seamless setup with cutting-edge design, providing the flexible ease-of-use you demand and the audio quality you deserve.

Simple Setup

Just connect PUC to your PC or Mac’s USB port and automatic installation begins. In just a few seconds, you’ll enjoy exceptional USB audio performance. There are no drivers to install, and since PUC is USB-powered, you won’t need a separate power supply. Now that's a user friendly powering solution how it should be!