Six Channel Headphone Amplifier with Limiter and Talkback

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Brand: RAMI AudioRAMI Audio


The RAmi Audio AMC620 is a six-channel headphone amplifier unit, with optional external volume controls. The unit has balanced inputs and will drive an output Impedance between 8 Ohms to 600 Ohms. 

There are two audio inputs, A and B. Headphone output 1 is always fed with input A; headphones 2 to 6 can be fed with either input A or B. This function allows the amplifier to be setup to drive both Presenter and Guest headphones with different audio sources in a single unit.

All outputs of the AMC620 are equipped with VCA control to allow level adjustment via a remote mounted level control. The remote VCA level control can be applied to either output 1 or outputs 2-6 or all outputs.

The AMC620 has 2 different talkback inputs with a flexible configuration, as follows:

Talkback 1 can be routed to the headphone 1, Talkback 2 can be routed to the headphone 2 to 6, but there is the possibility of cross coupling, allowing for multiple configurations.

The talkback can be activated, either via talkback audio being present, via a closing contact, or via 5 Volts to 24 Volts voltage.

Talkback audio can be routed to either the left ear, or the right ear, or to both.

The AMC620 incorporates a maximum output limiter for all headphones that can be set internally with sixteen incremental steps from +5.7dBu through to +17.5dBu.