OGC-5001 3G/HD/SD-SDI Single Channel Fiber Optic Receiver

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Brand: Census DigitalCensus Digital


The OGC-5001 is a fiber optic receiver to serial digital SDI converter that supports serial digital data rates from 143Mb/s up to 2.97Gb/s (1080p). SDI outputs are reclocked providing excellent jitter and return loss specifications.

The OGC-5001 is fully hot-swappable with all active components on the front removable module. No active components are installed on the rear I/O connection module. This design greatly reduces downtime eliminating any need to access the back of the rack frame.

The R2S-5001 high density split rear module can accommodate up to 2 OGC-5001 cards, maximizing the number of conversion channels in a frame. In this configuration, the DFR-8321 supports up to 20 independent channel solutions.