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A Revolutionary Approach to Audio Mixing

Helix Radio was designed both for long-term console users and for the "touch generation". Operators who have been running on-air, production or news studios for decades will appreciate the ease of operation plus simple access to advanced console functions; younger operators will already have a familiar interface, similar to devices they use every day, paired with easily understood physical controls. 

Helix consoles use multi-touch technology presented on easy-to-read 7" IPS screens for management of source selection, bus selection, cue, dynamics processing and more. These screens are combined with touch-sensitive motorized physical faders, large tactile buttons for ON/OFF functions, and a physical Monitor module. The touchscreen displays may be fully customized to meet your needs.

Helix Radio is the ideal companion to your talent during remote broadcasts. Operators can assume full control of the console remotely using Logitek's vMix Touch. Any changes made to faders or sources will be automatically transferred to the console, including fader movements. 

Physical faders are available in banks of six, up to a total of 24 faders. Additionally, fader layers provide flexible access to virtual faders, so systems can be configured with a smaller number of physical faders while still providing flexible access to all fader settings.

Metering indication for each fader appears on the multi-touch panel. For added flexibility in operation, Logitek's vMix Touch presents large easy-to-read meters, router controls, virtual faders and other functions on a standard touchscreen display in the studio.


  • 24 auto-configuring mix-minus busses
  • Fast access to sources and busses
  • Touch-sensitive motorized faders for both manual and automatic operation
  • Full interoperability with automation systems 


  • Easy-to-use multi-touch screens provide access to console and routing functions
  • Selection of pre and post input fader levels
  • Easy Aux bus assignment
  • Master bus gain control
  • Virtual metering available via console touchscreens or on separate panel


  • Powered by the Logitek JetStream AoIP Networking Platform


  • Physical consoles ranging from 6 to 24 faders
  • JetStream Mini router supports up to 128 channels of I/O in two rack units
  • JetStream Plus router supports up to 240 channels of I/O in only four rack units


  • Any source can route to any fader or bus
  • Programmable triggers for one-button convenience


  • Support 6 to 24 faders plus monitor module


  • Integrated into each module 
  • 7" IPS TFT - 1024 x 600 
  • 5-point multi-touch with gesture support 
  • Metering, source display and bus access 
  • Context sensitive menus 
  • Customizable to add/remove functions and layouts 


  • Context sensitive function access via 7" IPS touchscreen 
  • Layer change for virtual fader banks 
  • Six motorized faders 
  • Touch sensitive fader caps 
  • Large ON and OFF buttons 
  • RGB LED dynamic button colours 
  • Bus assignment for PGM and 4 - 8 AUX busses 
  • Direct access to CUE 


  • Context sensitive function access via 7" IPS touchscreen 
  • Monitor volume fader 
  • Cue volume fader 
  • Cue volume control knob 
  • Studio / Guest volume control knob 
  • 4x hotkey access for main monitoring 
  • Integrated delay control

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