6 Lines, 2 Studios, 1 Box, POTS or VoIP!!

MAGIC TH6 can be operated as POTS Telephone Hybrid or optionally as VoIP Hybrid with up to six caller lines. In both operating modes six Audio inputs and outputs are available. This allows a system configuration with which all six callers can be provided on separate Audio lines to the mixing console. Alternatively, the Audio lines can be configured as PRETALK, HOLD and ON AIR Audio lines. The callers can be switched in PRETALK and ON AIR conferences. Furthermore, an external or a recorded HOLD signal can be configured. MAGIC TH6 also offers a call forwarding function to forward callers to a manually dialled or a phone book number. Read more

Orban 86008600

In the toughest competitive environment ever, a winning strategy includes OPTIMOD-FM 8600. OPTIMOD-FM 8600 is Orban's flagship processor and the next step beyond the OPTIMOD-FM 8500. Featuring versatile five-band and two-band processing for both analogue FM transmission and digital media, the 8600 provides the industry's most consistent sound, track-to-track and source-to-source. This consistency allows you to create a sonic signature for your station with the assurance that your signature will stay locked in, uniquely branding your sound. Read more


Preco are pleased to announce that Sky News Radio has invested in a Logitek Remora digital audio mixing console, from Preco. The Remora has been installed in Sky News’ state of the art Millbank studio, Westminster.

Sky News Radio delivers national and international news to over 300 commercial stations, with over 34 million listeners per week tuning into stations carrying Sky News Radio bulletins.


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